Mi Casa, Your Casa at The Mall in Columbia

mi casa su casa
mi casa su casa

Join us and take a swing

The event has ended

Thanks for hanging out with us at Mi Casa, Your Casa 2.0,we hope you had just as much fun as we did! Be sure to check out our events page to see our upcoming events!

About Esrawe + Cadena

Duo Héctor Esrawe (Esrawe®) and Ignacio Cadena (Cadena + Asociados Concept Design®) are celebrated designers in their own respective fields that together, established their interdisciplinary design firm E+C, based in Mexico City. Esrawe is an award-winning industrial designer known for his playful, organic works that draws inspiration from Latin American architecture and folk art. With over 20 years of experience in various disciplines, Cadena is an acclaimed designer whose creations explore the boundaries between art and science.

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Work Credits

Creators: Esrawe + Cadena

Lighting and Interactive Conception: Serge Maheu

Tour producer: Creos